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About Us

LIGHTCELL company - specializes in portable energy technologies and related products. The company is an importer and distribution for organizations, companies, institutions and private customers.

LIGHTCELL is a business partner and authorized distribution of the world's leading brands.

Some of our product range includes: batteries, flashlights, chargers, portable lighting, field equipment, backup power banks, professional photography equipment and more ...

We provide a solution while adapting the technological solution to the customer's needs through cooperation with the largest manufacturers in the world.

With LIGHTCELL you can enjoy an extended warranty of an authorized importer (up to 5 years)

With LIGHTCELL you can enjoy technical support before and after your purchase

With LIGHTCELL all products are in immediate stock and delivery in fast delivery

With LIGHTCELL you are no longer a customer! We believe that every small and large customer is a very important customer and take care of every requirement and request.

Join thousands of satisfied customers who receive more than 10 years of professional, reliable, fast service at affordable prices.

You can contact us for any question or request: